October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Quran Karriem

Quran Karriem is an experimental musician, media artist and theorist working with electronic and algorithmic media. He examines the power relations and ideologies inherent in the design of systems, processes and interfaces and is motivated by a concern with the operative nature of the racial and the political in postmodern sociotechnical assemblages. A multiple award-winning software designer and former product executive, Quran has led development teams for a number of media and technology companies. His product initiatives have been recognized by Gartner Research, the Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association (GSMA), the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and Frost & Sullivan.


AI Talk: Bill Seaman – Insight Engine

New forms of Generative Research - Linking the book to new computational forms of research and knowledge production. Seaman + 3 participants. Each will discuss perspectives related to the topic. What are the ways we can help computers understand context? How can we explore long term transdisciplinary research goals? How can we avoid bias and articulate concerns related to AI and future research?

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