October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Paul David Jones

Paul Jones, art director at Cloud Imperium Games, has over 25 years of experience in gaming studios across the UK and America, spanning Epic Games, Rocksteady and TTFusion. He currently works on Star Citizen, the largest ever crowdfunded game, which in 8 years has generated over $300m. On this basis, Paul is writing the ultimate guide for aspiring artists in the games industry, Get Your Head in the Game.


Get Your Head in the Game

Paul Jones, art director at the game development company Cloud Imperium Games, talks about Star Citizen, the largest crowdfunded game in history. Plus, we are getting a sneak preview of his book, Get Your Head in the Game, (release planned for 2021). In his book, Paul gives advice on how to enter into the industry as a games artist, how to advance to the top, what to expect of each role, and what ...

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