October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Laura Winterling

Having gained the opportunity of spreading the lessons learned from one of humankinds frontiers enables her to share her knowledge, insights and experiences of a decade of training astronauts with a vast audience. The last couple of months shook the world. Live gigs, social gatherings and networking opportunities faded away into the tremor of a pandemic. She has drawn from her experience in quarantine, isolation and remote working strategies that astronauts have to undergo for living and working on space station. We can all learn from human spaceflight. Whether it is working in mission control or talking through a procedure with somebody traveling in space. As social beings, we need human interaction. Lauras Digitilisation Project is helping others overcome their fear and reluctance to use technology and focus on what is most important: speaking with one another.
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Creativity and new technologies.

A conversation about space, the challenges and opportunities it offers - but not only about space as such, but also as its image in virtual space. Today, ESA astronauts use virtual reality simulations to prepare for life on the International Space Station, practice space walks and move payloads in zero gravity - all without leaving the ground. It remains a truth that cannot be ignored that ...

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