October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Atom Egoyan

With eighteen feature films, Atom Egoyan has won numerous awards including five prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and two Academy Award® nominations. His acclaimed theatre and opera productions have been performed at venues around the world; his art installations have been presented at the Venice Biennale and other institutions, including the Tate Collection. His latest film, Guest of Honour, stars David Thewlis and was released online earlier this year. (photo credit: Ulysse del Drago)
© Ulysse del Drago


A Masterclass with Filmmaker Atom Egoyan

WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is a title of one of my films, but it’s been something I’ve been obsessed with in all my work. In this master class, I’ll explain some of the reasons I’ve been so fascinated by this question and focus on a couple of scenes from my 2013 movie, DEVIL’S KNOT. It’s based on one of the most famous true crime cases in the United States, and certainly a case where the ...

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