October 918 2020

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B3 meets Austria – Spielekammerl ORF/FM4

B3 meets Austria – Spielekammerl ORF/FM4
"FM4 Spielekammerl" invites all B3 fans and gaming fans to the "playful oasis“ of Austrian youth radio FM4. Radio hosts Robert Glashüttner and Conny Lee will be playing live on ORF.de and on Facebook with B3 artists and participants while discussing the pros and cons of computer games. Thursday, 15 October, 5 pm.


Robert Glashüttner

Radio host and games expert

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Video game cover

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András Kaptás

Coder, retro geek and hobby musician

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Spielekammerl ORF/FM4

<a href="http://fm4.orf.at/spielekammerl">fm4.ORF.at/spielekammerl</a> & <a href="http://twitch.tv/radio_fm4">twitch.tv/radio_fm4</a>.

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