October 918 2020

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German Premiere
Anna Blom
Release Year
Original Title
Film Type
  • Documentary
  • short drama
Anna Blom
  • German Premiere
  • Running Time
    29.30 Min.
    ”When I was born I had too little oxygen in my brain. I think that's unfair, why me? Why didn’t my sister get it?”, says Yvonne. She's sharing her story on the main stage of the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. Yvonne is one of the leading actors in the theatrical play In the big landscape – a fairytale about a family. The play received rave reviews from critics and the audience. DuvTeatern is a theatre group consisting of people with and without intellectual disabilities. Other than being an acclaimed actor, Yvonne also has interesting family relationships. Her mother Ulla is now over 80 years, she realises she won’t be able to take care of Yvonne for much longer. Yvonne’s sister Tina is very much like Yvonne, and yet so different. Yvonne and her sister were very close when growing up and the film shares photos and home movies from their childhood. Yvonne's father Ralf Heins’ photos and films give an existential, poetic and historical layer to the film.



    Anna Blom is a Finnish-Swedish filmmaker living in Helsinki. She is a director and writer focusing on both documentary and fiction films. Anna has been running her own production company ja! media production since 2004. Her background is in journalism, and she takes a special interest in issues concerning human rights, children and youth. She has made numerous critically acclaimed documentaries. Some of her more prominent works are the documentaries The Silent Singer and Remembering Lampedusa – Grief and the short fiction film Permission to Operate.