October 918 2020

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Green Blood

Green Blood
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Arthur Bouvart, Jules Giraudat, Alexis Marant
Release Year
OV w/English subtitles
Film Type
Full Feature
  • Documentary

Laurent Richard
Aurélie Meimon
Alex Winter
Noor Sadar

Mathieu Goasguen, Metthieu Lère
Running Time
90 Min.
  • Germany only
In an era of eroded journalism, fragmented audiences, and consolidated corporate power, 40 journalists from 15 countries work together to support the work of local reporters who, as a result of their pursuit of truth, have been threatened, jailed or killed. Green Blood is an unprecedented collaborative investigation uncovering the dangerous practices of three mining companies operating in India, Guatemala, and Tanzania, that exposes crimes against humanity and the environment. (photo credits: Forbidden Films)



Arthur Bouvart is a French investigative journalist and filmmaker. He directed feature length documentaries, especially on chemical pollution, for French broadcasters. He is the co-author of the French documentary The business of Fear in which he hacked the French automatic border control system. He conducts workshops on journalism and conspiracy theories in high schools. Jules Giraudat is a French investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has made films on French politics, the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal, and environmental pollution. He is the co-author of the documentary The real price of your mobile phone, that won the Investigative Section at the DIG Awards. Alexis Marant is a member of the CAPA Press agency. He has directed more than 20 documentaries for channels worldwide, focussing on environmental issues. He has won multiple awards, including the Albert Londres Prize in 2006 as well as several prizes for Best Investigative Film at the FIGRA festival.