Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Yummy Body Truck

B3 Talent Forum 2022
By: Noam Youngrak Son

“Yummy Body Truck” is a fictional food truck that sells ‘edible human body parts’. The stall collects samples of organisms found nearby, grinds their flesh into moldable paste, and reshapes it into forms of human bodies. As the paste is shaped into body parts, those aspects gain more political significance: The pigmentation of brown meat turns into ‘race’, and estrogen residue determines ‘gender’. The truck serves the body parts in a lunchbox, and an instruction video guides visitors on how to see, smell and taste them. 


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Yummy Body Truck
B3 Talent Forum Experimental Film
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Noam Youngrak Son
Noam Youngrak Son is a queer communication designer based in Ghent, Belgium. The main question of their practice is about less normative methods of disseminating deviant narratives. They attempt to … More


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