In a thoughtful but also humorous way, Sandra Mann raises questions about identity, human co-existence, interaction between mankind and animals, as well as about how we treat nature and the environment. The forests we are familiar with nowadays, and which are used primarily as sources of raw materials, have little in common with the ideal of untouched nature. The majority of the images in this series are staged. They are carefully composed photographs of artists and other protagonists posing in a natural setting. The observer’s perception is subtly put to the test: The sophisticated image compositions frequently only become clear on second glance.

Title Waldlife
Director Sandra Mann
Release Date 08.12.2021
  • Germany
Length 11 Minutes
  • English
Color Format
  • Color



Sandra Mann


Sandra Mann

  • Artist
  • Germany
Sandra Mann is one of Germany’s most renowned artists and photographers. She uses a wide range of artistic forms of expression such as photography, installation, sculpture, video. Her artistic concepts address the relationship of people to each other, their relationship to nature, the environment, …

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