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Surviving You, Always

Experimental Film United Kingdom 2022
By: Morgan Quaintance

In Morgan Quaintance’s film SURVIVING YOU, ALWAYS, a narrative opposition between the proposed metaphysical highs of psychedelic drugs and the harsher actualities of concrete metropolitan life, sets up a formal and conceptual study in contrasts. These two realities also form the backdrop of an adolescent encounter, told through still images and written narration. Voice-overs by American psychologist Timothy Leary and spiritualist Ram Dass profess that psychedelic drugs trigger the expansion of consciousness. 


Simultaneously, on screen text tells us of Quaintance’s own experience as a teenager in 1990s South London, whose acid-infused journeys revealed the city’s built environment to be a nightmarish and alienating scene for the dissolution of self. Following both perspectives simultaneously is a mind-twisting exercise, but Quaintance’s seamless editing, confessional candor and compelling sound design reveal a hidden history of working class multicultural life in London that burns with multiple sociopolitical resonances, and a deep sense of urban melancholy.

Film Info


Surviving You, Always
Experimental Film
Release Date
  • United Kingdom
18 Minutes
Spoken Language
  • English
Color Format
  • Color


Morgan Quaintance
Morgan Quaintance is a London-based artist and writer. His moving image work has been shown and exhibited widely at festivals and institutions including: MOMA, New York; Mcevoy Foundaton for the … More


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