Radiant Green Field

  • HessenLab
  • Germany


Documenting the landscapes that emerge after 50 years of uranium mining in former GDR territory, traces of its human and non-human inhabitants are found. How does life continue in a contaminated region? We delve into a ground enriched with stories of brownfield redevelopment, ecological activism, family legends, fragile ecosystems and one punk music festival. This poetic experimental documentary ties stories of a radioactive past, present and future to a critical staging of authenticity and extraction.

Title Radiant Green Field
Director Sophie Hilbert
Genre HessenLab Art Experimental Film Short Film Documentary Film
Release Date 04.12.2021
  • Germany
Length 26 Minutes
Spoken Language
  • German
  • English
Color Format
  • Color
Sound Format
  • Stereo



Sophie Hilbert
Sophie Hilbert
Lisa-Marie Dieling Martin Nickel

Sophie Hilbert

  • HessenLab
  • Germany
2021 Graduation at Kunsthochschule Kassel, Küstlerischer Abschluss (eq. Master of Fine Arts) 2020/21 Guest Student at Universität Paderborn, Fashion and Textile Studies since 2019 member of TOKONOMA e.V. Kassel since 2020 member FREE ENTRY exhibition collective 2015-2020 member of Panalobby …


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