Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Pizza d’Amour

Short Film Germany 2022

Three pizzas. That's the order that Suri, a young delivery girl, is supposed to bring to Hamburg's Speckgürtel on her bicycle. When she arrives at the house, Thomas, who is a little too lightly dressed, opens the door. As Suri waits in the entrance area for Thomas to finally find his wallet, she sees her mother Andrea coming out of the bathroom - also lightly dressed. Enraged, Suri confronts Thomas and Andrea and accuses her mother of cheating. The fact that Thomas tries to defuse the whole situation with his unmistakable pedagogical streak gets Suri even more on edge - and Thomas a bloody nose. But the real horror begins when Suri realizes that Thomas isn't just her mother's affair. Her father Harry is also in the house and her parents are part of a sexual adventure. Suri is not only confronted with her parents' sexuality, but also with the limits of her sexual tolerance and her own double standards.


Film Info


Pizza d’Amour
Short Film
Release Date
  • Germany
Spoken Language
  • German
Color Format
  • Color


Alexander Schmid

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