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B3 Talent Forum 2022
By: Paul Ziesche Jon Grandpierre

When Alexander Urvalov left the disintegrating Soviet Union in April 1991, he was at the beginning of a promising career as a concert pianist and about to be appointed professor at the Novosibirsk Conservatory. Threats of reprisals and the general political climate, characterized by the suppression of any opposition, prompted him and his family to emigrate to Germany. Teaching at the Novosibirsk Conservatory got replaced by classroom lessons for a music school and large concert halls in Russia have become small town stages in provincial Germany. And yet, by listening to old recordings of his favorite piano pieces we take part in the musical world of the time he left behind.


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B3 Talent Forum
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Paul Ziesche
Paul Ziesche was born 1998 in Alsfeld. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in 2022 and works as a freelance sound editor. Jon Grandpierre was born 1996 in Wiesbaden. After … More

Jon Grandpierre
Jon Grandpierre was born in Wiesbaden in 1996. After studying sociology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, he has been studying at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne since 2020. More

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