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Fungal Datascapes: A Sporous Commons of Mushrooms and Climate

VR - AR Sweden 2021
By: Finn Arschavir
By: Jens Evaldsson Rut Karin Zettergren

The 360-degree film Fungal Datascapes by Rut Karin Zettergren, Finn Arschavir and Jens Evaldsson invites us to leave our anthropocentric viewpoint and enter a world normally beyond our scope of understanding. The viewer moves through the life cycle of fungal spores: from microscopic to global scale. In an innovative way, this artwork opens up new artistic and intellectual perspectives. What does the weather feel like underground? How would we experience it as fungi? What are the connections between our world and the world of fungi? We rarely think about the relationship between fungi and our climate. Yet the life, compost, and decay of fungi are interwoven with the emergence of weather and climate change.

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Fungal Datascapes: A Sporous Commons of Mushrooms and Climate
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  • Sweden
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Finn Arschavir
Finn Arschavir is an artist, designer and co-founder of A+E Collective and recently produced the podcast "The Biosystems Recordings". Visual artist Jens Evaldsson's work addresses human behavior and … More

Jens Evaldsson Rut Karin Zettergren

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