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False Wife

Experimental Film United Kingdom
By: Jamie Crewe

FALSE WIFE is a work that leads its visitors through an ordeal of transformation.

 A poppers training video is typically a user-made compilation of pornographic clips, uploaded to adult video hosting sites. These clips are paired with text, hypnotic music, voice-overs, and instructions for action. 

FALSE WIFE is a poppers training video, but its material is obscure. Its narrative is drawn from a variety of folk tales in which transformation occurs, and relationships happen. Its footage is scavenged from sources that reflect these themes, reduced to slivers of significant imagery, rubbed together. These originating sources are warped or inflamed to say ambiguous things: to discuss desire, shame, transgression, and the longing for change, and the various ways we want — and don’t want — to face them. FALSE WIFE overturns such long-dormant stones, and tells a viewer what must be done. 


Film Info


False Wife
Experimental Film
  • United Kingdom
15 Minutes
Spoken Language
  • English
Color Format
  • Color


Jamie Crewe
Jamie Crewe is a beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte’s head. She makes artworks with video, text, installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, and more. These works think about … More


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