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The game contains four chapters, following the life of a character from kindergarten, through school and the first job. Through each stage of life, the inability to recognise other people becomes more apparent and has more severe consequences. The protagonist and by extension the player, does not know why they struggle, but they do know this: when people realise they don't recognise them, they are punished.
The game, a creative autobiography of sorts, delves into the philosophical considerations of what is normality, queerness, disability, and how having words to describe your experinces matters. And how scary it can be when you do not have them.
This game is the final project at the end of a five year university program of the artist. It blends subtle horror and surrealism with a visual novel playing style, interspersed with simple minigames.

Title Facing
Director Joshua Gundlach
Genre HessenLab Art Game Others Social Issue
Release Date 04.12.2021
  • Germany
Spoken Language
  • English
  • English
Color Format
  • Color
Sound Format
  • Stereo



Joshua Gundlach


Joshua Gundlach

  • Artist
  • Germany
A visual artist of a variety of media, Joshua Gundlach is a graduate from the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany. He makes projects ranging from drawings, embroidery pieces and comics all the way to video games. Judaism, queerness and disability are his favorite topics to make art about.

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