Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

deep (fried) learning

B3 Talent Forum 2022
By: Leon-Etienne Kühr

If processuality becomes visible in image-or text-generating AIs, then only when content is generated from an input. However, the emergence of this machine 'intelligence' itself remains invisible –training processes take too long, they are too little visually tangible. This is precisely why DEPP (FRIED) LEARNING is interested in it. Using a radically small data set of one hundred photographs, in which the artist Leon-Etienne Kühr himself can be seen, an image-synthesizing AI is trained over the course of the exhibition. In the end, 100 new images are created for further training iterations also taking place during the exhibition. From generation to generation, the AI moves further and further away from the original material: while the machine experiences its own genesis, the artist subject dissolves in the ongoing ever more dominant machine self-reference.

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deep (fried) learning
B3 Talent Forum Installation Experimental Film
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Leon-Etienne Kühr
Leon-Etienne Kühr focuses on the creative potential of computers and programming. After thriving in creative classes like computer graphics in his computer science degree, he decided in 2018 to … More

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