Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Are you you?

Experimental Film 2022
By: Magdalena Jordán

“My Instagram account was hacked early this year. All of what I constructed as an artist in the last eight years (my portfolio, my business identity, followers, my network and personal archive of images) was taken over. After I was victim of phishing I ended questioning the real use I was giving to the platform and what kind of profit I was getting from it, if there was any.” Magdalena Jordán writes an open letter - in the form of a video - to reach her hacker and to extend to him/her/them the questions she has been dealing with after her digital skin was stolen. ARE YOU YOU? is an invitation to partner up against the phantasies of power and success that Instagram wants to make us feel in an era dominated by marketing and digital communication.


Film Info


Are you you?
Experimental Film B3 Talent Forum
Release Date
5 Minutes
Color Format
  • Color


Magdalena Jordán
Magdalena Jordán, (1986) BA Fine Arts (2010), Faculty of Arts - Universidad de Chile, specialisation in Painting and with professional studies in Audiovisual Communication at ARCOS, Santiago de Chile … More


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