Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Tore Schmidt

Tore Schmidt is an independent producer with over fifteen years of experience working on high-end character-and filmmaker-driven projects, including Academy Award- and Golden Globe-Winners. He is known for creating high-quality content with A-list talent, combining originality and complex characters with commercial potential, and identifying sought-after IP. Tore is driven by a relentless passion for stories that further cultural diversity, tolerance, humanity and sustainability at the intersection of artistic excellence and audience appeal across genres.


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  • Producer

B3 Conference

03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Talk: What is wanted?! What subject areas and what creative content does the market want? Experts discuss!

Turning one's creativity into a profession and being able to make a living from it - that is the great desire of many creative professionals. To achieve this, however, the output of their creative work must also be relevant to the market.

The market in the moving image sector is constantly expanding. New technologies are being made marketable, and the proliferation of media such as virtual reality goggles is advancing. In addition to the technology, however, it is primarily the content transported via it that is the cornerstone for market acceptance. These must be prepared and edited accordingly so that they fit the respective medium and the user accepts them.

This naturally raises the question of whether creativity is not suffering under the dictates of market relevance, and how one can possibly counteract this. In such cases, it's good to have someone who believes in you, knows the market and is there to offer advice and support, such as experienced producers or festival directors.

Frédéric Boyer, artistic director of the Tribeca Film Festival, and Torre Schmidt, a German producer who has consolidated his career in Hollywood, will give an insight into their work: At what point do creatives and their work attract the interest of film producers or marketing platforms like festivals? What do they need to bring to the table, and which skills are particularly relevant? Above all, the two will also give an overview of what the producer-side market is currently demanding and will demand in the future.

Guests of B3

Jo Baker
Writer United Kingdom
Christa Sommerer
Artist Austria
Helena Mackenzie
Filmmaker United Kingdom
Denique LeBlanc
Singer Canada