Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Stephan Busch

Stephan Busch (born 1970) is a freelance sound engineer, recording studio owner and operator. He completed his training as an audio engineer at SAE Frankfurt in 1993 and has worked for film and sound production studios in Frankfurt since 1995.

Technically specialized in voice recordings and editing, music and film mixes, industry, trade fair, training films and language programs, he is a service provider for national and international customers, including Lufthansa, Volkswagen, Messe Frankfurt, Hessischer Rundfunk, FAZ, Hoffmann and Campe, Saga Egmont, lagato Verlag and telc languages. In the book and media practice (Buch- und Medienpraxis), a further training program of the Goethe University Frankfurt, he supervises the technical part of the radio course offered and explains the functions of recording devices and the operation of the editing software in a practical way.


Personal Info

  • Producer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Germany

B3 Conference

04:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Master Class with Stephan Busch, the sound engineer takes you into the world of real-sounding yet unreal sounds.

Every sound in film is a lie. Why? That's what sound engineer Stephan Busch explains in this Master Class. Because apart from dialogue, naturally recorded sounds are often boring and uninspired, and recordings of atmosphere and action sounds on film sets rarely meet expectations. But fortunately, there are sound effects artists like Jack Donovan Foley. Even Star Wars producer George Lucas once said, "Sound is 50% of the whole movie." In this Master Class Stephan Busch takes us into the world of creating real sounding and yet unreal sounds. And introduces us to one of the most dangerous sounds in the world...

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