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Sonal Sehgal

Sonal Sehgal is an Indian Actor, Writer and Producer. Besides playing leading roles in several Indian Feature films, Sonal has written and produced shorts and feature films dealing with racism, gender bias, homosexuality and the status of Transgenders in Indian society. LIHAAF (2019), a feature which she wrote and played the leading role in, highlights the repression of female sexuality and freedom of speech. It was co-produced by Academy Award Winner Marc Baschet. MANNY (2020) a Sci-Fi feature she wrote, acted in and co-produced, is a story of a closet homosexual’s three intertwined relationships - with a man, woman and AI. TRAVELLERS, Sonal’s script at development stage is a road trip which highlights how the same journey is so different for a man and a woman, exposing the deep rooted patriarchy in our society. The film is an Indo-French Co-production, to be directed by Camera d’Or nominated French director Pierre Filmon.


Personal Info

  • Writer
  • Producer
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  • 2. Prize
  • France


Guests of B3

Niels Juul
Producer United States
Luc Dardenne
Filmmaker Belgium
Frédéric Boyer
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