Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Dr. Ina Knobloch

Dr. Ina Knobloch is an award-winning filmmaker and bestselling author who was already in front of the camera and working as a journalist during her school and university years. After a stay in Canada, she studied and earned her doctorate in biology in Frankfurt, Paris, Cologne, Basel and Costa Rica from 1982 to 1989, during which time she expanded her creative passion for books and film. During this period she also wrote her first book about Costa Rica, which immediately became a bestseller, and produced her first long film for television. This was followed by numerous documentaries, mainly for ARD, ZDF and ARTE, but also for cinema, focusing on climate and environment, culture and history. For DIE AKTE OPPENHEIMER she received the Hessian Film Award in 2018, and the 90-minute Director's Cut premiered in cinemas in early October 2022.


Personal Info

  • Journalist
  • Director
  • Germany


City Media TV, Schreyerstrasse 16, 60596, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

B3 Conference

04:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Films for Democracy!

From the very beginning of film history, especially since their mass appeal, fictional and non-fictional films, respectively moving images and their narratives have played a major role for state systems and thus also for democracies. We need narratives in communication for democracy.

Narratives, framing and attitude are important communication keys for any form of state. Yet it matters a great deal what doors these keys unlock and what worldviews, values, and truths are behind them and communicated. This raises the question of how much independence film, the moving image and its narrative need in order to strengthen democracy? Does independent communication exist at all? People like whistleblowers contribute to the correction of narratives and in the best case strengthen independent communication and free forms of government, like democracy. In today's world, whistleblower protection is especially important for the freedom of film and media makers.

How can free communication be guaranteed, and what is the role of this so important protection of those who try to find the right keys to the door that leads to the truth? Award-winning filmmaker and moderator Dr. Ina Knobloch will discuss this with distinguished guests.

Guests of B3

Birgit Wittemann
Dramaturge Germany
Joseph Wilson
Filmmaker United Kingdom
Frédéric Boyer
Artistic Director United States