Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Daniel Gebhardt

Daniel Gebhardt is Philosopher and Photographer who experienced the recent rise of NFTs and Crypto from the perspective of fashion industry. As a lecturer and trainer for intercultural communication and marketing at AMD, Berlin, he observed global innovative trends and markets critically and differentiated. Daniel Gebhardt also advises companies and brands from various industries (finance, pharmaceuticals, fashion) on questions of innovation and change communication.


Personal Info

  • Consultant
  • Germany

B3 Conference

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Panel: Crypto. New opportunities for project financing

The crypto market offers new opportunities for financing creativity and its implementation. But are the promises of this new market really sustainable or just an illusion? Project financing is in a state of flux: many things that seem self-evident today may soon be obsolete. Industry experts discuss with creatives about the pros and cons of the crypto market and analyze whether the new possibilities are really sustainable. What will and must change in the future, in their view, in order to offer creatives a certain degree of financial security? Co-Founder of MovieShots and visionary Jan Leitenbauer, the great DJ, music producer and NFT artist Alec Empire, developer Adrian Milz of THE VATRIX GmbH and the internationally successful NFT artist and 4D graphic designer Sebastian Pfeifer will be discussing this question.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Master Class with Daragh Carville

Daragh Carville is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter and best known for hit series like THE BAY. In a Master Class, he shines a light on the process of developing a drama series for television using his successful crime drama The Bay as a case study. THE BAY has sold to over 130 territories worldwide since its debut in 2019 and is now going into its fourth series. In this Master Class, Daragh Carville will discuss the role of the writer in production, and will provide an overview of the industry in the UK and internationally from the point of view of a series creator, writer and executive producer.

03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Creatives and their works are conquering new markets. Is the "classic" art market in flux?

The "classic" art market is changing. The Internet and its financial market serve as an accelerator for new directions for a market that primarily follows established paths.

Thus, in addition to the financial component of the crypto market, one thing in particular has emerged for creators: The platforms on which they can present their content and art are ideally suited to market themselves and become known, or to increase their level of awareness even further. Creatives who previously could not place their art on the physical market have suddenly become trendy artists, and not just in terms of their NFTs. The market is now flooded with artists and their content. But there is still a certain gold-rush atmosphere. In general, though, what do creators need to look out for to survive in markets, whether traditional or crypto, and what opportunities do they have to raise their profile? What do collectors like? What is their driving force to collect and support? Established art collector Mario von Kelterborn, successful NYC artist and all-rounder Federico Solmi and renowned NFT artist Gavin Shapiro discuss this and show ways to possible success.

Guests of B3

Giovanni Fantoni Modena
Director Italy
Adrian Wootton
Speaker United Kingdom
Sebastian Stobbe
Writer Germany