Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Carina Shoshtary

Carina Shoshtary is a German-Iranian artist based in a little village in Bavaria, Germany and working in the field of contemporary jewelry and wearable art. She trained as a traditional goldsmith, and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany. She works with contemporary jewelry galleries and exhibited her work world-wide. Carina Shoshtary curates the Instagram account FASHION FOR BANK ROBBERS that showcases photos of innovative and intriguing contemporary masks and headpieces.


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  • Artist
  • Germany
  • Iran

B3 Conference

09:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Social Media promotion basics. How to cut through the noise in social media?

You want to learn how to cut through the noise in social media and get noticed? Marketing strategist and Social Media Expert Birgit Karus will teach you what should be in your marketing toolkit and how to plan and prepare materials that stand out and make an impression. With practical DIY tasks, this workshop is designed for filmmakers and creatives, who want to understand the core of marketing better.
In addition, the jewelry and mask artist Carina Shoshtary gives an insight into her artistic career, as well as into the creation and development of the Instagram page @fashionforbank_robbers (FFBR), on which Shoshtary has been showing the most exciting and innovative masks of artists from all over the world for four years. Instagram has had a lasting impact on Carina Shoshtary's artistic career. FFBR has become a community for mask artists and interested people, where they can get inspired and exchange ideas, where collaborations start and artists' careers get a boost.

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