Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Alec Empire

Alec Empire is a music producer and composer with the focus on digital electronic music. He became famous in the 90s when he programmed the Atari Teenage Riot album DELETE YOURSELF on an Atari 1040ST computer and sold a million records.
More than 500 official music releases show his name in the credits. Alec Empire toured the world many times over, and received awards like Kerrang’s ‘Spirit of Independence’ Award and ‘The Man With The Golden Ear’ Award among others for his achievements.

Alec Empire is often regarded as a controversial figure in popular culture because of his critical and contrarian views on politics. His creative works often paint a dystopian science fiction world and are meant to be understood as a warning.
Since the beginning he has been close to or even part of various hacker scenes and describes himself as a ‘crypto artist’. Alec Empire has sold NFTs and is a vehement proponent of Ethereum which he sees as “a global, private rules based property rights system in cyberspace”.


Personal Info

  • Composer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Musician
  • Producer
  • Germany


B3 Conference

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Panel: Crypto. New opportunities for project financing

The crypto market offers new opportunities for financing creativity and its implementation. But are the promises of this new market really sustainable or just an illusion? Project financing is in a state of flux: many things that seem self-evident today may soon be obsolete. Industry experts discuss with creatives about the pros and cons of the crypto market and analyze whether the new possibilities are really sustainable. What will and must change in the future, in their view, in order to offer creatives a certain degree of financial security? Co-Founder of MovieShots and visionary Jan Leitenbauer, the great DJ, music producer and NFT artist Alec Empire, developer Adrian Milz of THE VATRIX GmbH and the internationally successful NFT artist and 4D graphic designer Sebastian Pfeifer will be discussing this question.

Guests of B3

Birgit Wittemann
Dramaturge Germany
Johannes Grenzfurthner
Director Austria