The importance of ethical feminist pornography in film

  • Talk

Jasmin Hagendorfer and Inka Winter, famous adult film maker and director at ForPlay Films in LA, will talk about the importance of ethical feminist pornography and the differences to mainstream porn. 
Inka works with psychology and sexuality – how do the two go together, can you feel it in her work and how does she see her future path?


Jasmin Hagendorfer
  • Festival Organiser
  • Austria

Jasmin Hagendorfer is a Vienna-based artist, creative mind and writer. Her main artistic interest is in installations, sculptures and performances. Her work has been shown in many countries. As an …

Inka Winter
  • Director
  • Germany

Inka Winter is an erotic filmmaker and the founder of ForPlay Films (, an independent, all-woman porn production company. Spending her formative years living in an alternative …

17.10.2021 4:00 pm5:00 pm