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How do you finance creative content? Get inspired!

Being creative can be wonderful and fulfilling, but when it comes to making a living at it, you often have to stand in line with many others to get the funding or jobs you need. It takes a lot of diligence, perseverance, relationships and, of course, a bit of luck to get grants or other financial support and to be productive at all. Creatives share insights into their efforts to get funding for their projects and how you can use your creativity to get the money you need, even if it’s an often grueling issue.


Rehana Zaman
  • Director
  • United Kingdom

Rehana Zaman is an artist from Heckmondwike, based in London. Her work speaks to the entanglement of personal experience and social life, where moments of intimacy are framed against cultural …

Hetain Patel
  • Visual Artist
  • United Kingdom

Hetain Patel is a London-based visual artist and performer. His live performances, films, sculptures, and photographs have been shown globally in galleries and theatres. His online video works have …

18.10.2021 3:00 pm4:00 pm