HessenLab: Social Media Self Marketing

  • Workshop

Note: Only for participants and mentors of the HessenLab.

How to build an efficient social media marketing strategy for a creative business?
Social media has become indispensable for marketing products, ideas or people. Anyone who wants to advertise themselves or their product must now be able to market themselves on the hottest platforms. This often has little to do with creativity. Self-promotion needs to be skillful, otherwise you can easily lose your connection in the virtual world.
Birgit Karus and her team, which is made up exclusively of women, know exactly which adjusting screws to turn in order to achieve set goals.
In her workshop, she will focus on the following points:
1.  The 4 main reasons, why Facebook and Instagram marketing may not work.
2.  Find ways to solve those 4 problems and key components to a successful social media marketing strategy.
3.  Recent and upcoming changes in the digital advertising world to consider.
4.  Q&A at the end of the seminar.


Birgit Karus
  • Speaker
  • Estonia

Birgit is the founder of the digital marketing agency NOH Production, which provides services to various European companies in different sectors. Besides her marketing agency, Birgit has built a …

18.10.2021 1:00 pm2:30 pm