Fuck each other not the planet

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Sex is one of the most intimate and political issues of human existence. We are sexual, technological, narrative, and political beings. We have our preferences and kinks, and we do everything to make them come true or to consume them passively. Social context influences how, when, and in what way we do so. We should openly ask whether good sex or porn can save the world. Sure, say activists of the sexecology movement. Their motto is: Mother Earth should be our lover! And that’s a different perspective on the subject than clichéd tree huggers and smiled-upon activists. Another activist group, for example, is aptly called Fuck For Forest. Let’s dive deeper together with Mrs. Hagendorfer into various film projects and lifestyles of sustainable sexuality. Mrs. Hagendorfer will talk as well about the Porn Film Festival Vienna and why the Porn Film Festival Vienna is also a game changer specially with its focus on ethical feminist pornography? What is the difference to mainstream porn? Mrs. Hagendorfer answers to these and other questions and shows once again that pornography and artistic standards can also be closely related.



Jasmin Hagendorfer
  • Festival Organiser
  • Austria

Jasmin Hagendorfer is a Vienna-based artist, creative mind and writer. Her main artistic interest is in installations, sculptures and performances. Her work has been shown in many countries. As an …

17.10.2021 3:00 pm4:00 pm