Director's Talk with Oliver Stone

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Director’s Talk with Oliver Stone (director; USA)
Moderation: Sabine Oelmann (Journalistin; D)

Werner Herzog on Oliver Stone’s biography: “Chasing the Light is a profound book, illuminating and unsparing … What Oliver Stone has written will remain, for I have never read anything like his insights into the workings of the film industry…”
Oliver Stone is one of the greatest film directors of the past decades. Controversial, critical and challenging, he addresses the major socio-political issues of our time. However, he does not describe himself first and foremost as a political filmmaker, but as a dramatist who scrutinizes individuals in his works and puts them in relation to the problems of our time.
Stone is a provocative mind who has always formed his own opinion and said it out loud, regardless of whether it contradicts the mainstream or the generally accepted opinion. This is also reflected in his work. He wants to shake people up, with strong opinions and powerful images. For example, together with his long-time cinematographer, Robert Richardson (JFK, Natural Born Killers, The Doors, and many more), he developed a unique visual language with typically diverse camera and image formats. The editing technique that follows then gives his films an authentic documentary feel, which in turn achieves the desired “wake-up call” effect. 
Many filmmakers and creatives have been influenced by Stone – in terms of storytelling, technique and production design. Oliver Stone joins the ranks of past B3 Honorary Award winners as someone who continues to influence creatives across all genres today. 
His influence in terms of moving image design and narrative style can certainly be found in the Dogma 95 movement, with Quentin Tarantino, or in today’s TV series. In terms of socio-politics, Stone takes a clear stand, whether you like his opinion or not. He shakes things up in any case, and that’s also what B3 stands for. The festival is a window to the present and the future of the moving image, and it always gives creative minds the opportunity to express in strong and controversial ways. Oliver Stone is an icon and we are happy to present him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Oliver Stone
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18.10.2021 8:00 pm9:00 pm