Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

B3 Moving Image Forum - cool, moving, amazing. The B3 Moving Image Forum gives an insight into the diverse and ever-changing world of international creative artists with their latest works. In these works, artists transform stories, ideas and worlds of thought into moving images in their own unique ways. Creatively and technologically, they have set themselves no limits. We show the latest works and projects from art, VR/ AR, games and AI by established and emerging international artists and media creators, at least as German premieres.

At the B3 Moving Image Forum professionals can get inspired, discover new talents, and explore the diversity of moving images together with the general public. Cool, moving, amazing, touching, controversial, beautiful and thought-provoking: That's how you can describe the works and projects that the invited creatives present to the esteemed B3 audience.

The contributions listed here will be shown at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. or HOCI at Bethmannhof. The exhibition in the Bethmannhof is made possible by Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt GmbH and the City of Frankfurt am Main as part of the state program Zukunft Innenstadt.

B3 Moving Image Forum 2022

Experimental Film France 2022
and in the soil, there be mirrors
Experimental Film United Kingdom 2022 OmU
Aunt, a Tricycle
Experimental Film China 2022 OmU
Beans, Rinsed Twice
Experimental Film Portugal 2021
Short Film France 2021 OmU
Premiere Short Film Germany 2022
Exterior Day
Experimental Film Italy 2021
VR - AR Germany 2021
Science-fiction Iceland 2021 OmU
Love Death and Everything In Between
Short Film United Kingdom 2022
On The Surface
Animation Iceland 2021
Experimental Film Italy 2022 OmU
Sacred Fire Within
Short Film Lithuania 2021
Premiere Short Film Germany 2022
Action/Adventure Germany 2022 OmU
That Divine Cadaver
Experimental Film Germany 2022 OmU
The Eclipse of the Black Sun
Experimental Film Germany 2022
The Parents' Room
Short Film Italy 2021
Short Film United Kingdom 2021
Experimental Film Germany 2022