The B3 Biennale of the Moving Image distinguishes established artists and talented newcomers by means of the internationally recognized BEN Award. Pieces by B3 Biennale artists who take a particularly innovative approach to exploring new narrative technologies go head to head for the main and newcomer prizes. An international jury selects the best entries.

Oliver Stone

Hito Steyerl

Main award for lifetime achievement

Honorary Ben Award in the category of art

Sergey Barabanshikoff

Khulekani Mayisa

Igor Simic

Sin Wai Kin

Best Emerging Talent

Russian Dolls

Best Short Film

Peace Be Upon You

Best Game

Golf Club: Wasteland

Best Immersive and Time Based Art

Irreconciable Differences

Nana Mensah

Brenda Lien

Best Feature Film

Queen of Glory

Rotraut Pape Inspiration Award