October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

The B3 Biennale of the Moving Image distinguishes established artists and talented newcomers by means of the internationally recognized BEN Award. Pieces by B3 Biennale artists who take a particularly innovative approach to exploring new narrative technologies go head to head for the main and newcomer prizes. An international jury selects the best entries. The award was designed by South African artist Trevor Gould.

US-American actor Willem Dafoe received the 2020 B3 BEN Award in the category Most Influential Artist. The award thus goes to one of the most versatile and sought-after actors of his generation. Dafoe’s oeuvre includes over 100 films, which have been honored with a total of four Oscar nominations in addition to many other prizes.

The B3 BEN Award for Most Important Artist in the category Gesamtkunstwerk went to German artist Anne Imhof. She lives and works in Berlin and New York. Her work includes drawing, painting, music as well as installations and performances.

Succeeding Laurie Anderson (2013) and Brian Eno (2015), 2017 Ingvild Goetz and the Lithuanian-American film pioneer Jonas Mekas (born in 1922) received the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image lifetime achievement award. 2019 Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen from Britain was awarded the BEN main prize in the category Most Influential Moving Image Artist.

BEN Awards go to Artists from Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Slovenia, Switzerland and the US

The other 2020 award winners are:

B3 BEN Award Best Emerging Talent
Alessa Fanzoi (Switzerland), RAT’S NEST, 2020
Animated short film

Excerpt from the jury statement:
“With the means of animation, the artist succeeds in creating an incredibly precise image of a young woman’s psyche.”

B3 BEN Award Best Short Film
Agata Puszcz (Poland)
HOME SWEET HOME (Poland 2019)
Short film

Excerpt from the jury statement:
“HOME SWEET HOME is a short film that masterfully narrates the tension between outer high gloss and inner misery.”

B3 BEN Award Best VR/AR/MR Experience
Evelyn Hriberšek (Germany, Slovenia)
Art Installation/ Music Theatre/ Real Life Game/ Mixed Reality Experience.

Excerpt from the jury statement:
“The role of women as muses is experienced with all senses and simultaneously questioned. The installation by Evelyn Hriberšek is a bridge from Greek mythology to the 21st century.”

B3 Rotraut Pape Inspiration Award
Verushka Bohn – V3 (Germany)
Video performance

Excerpt from the jury statement:
Artist Veruschka Bohn, who trained at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, works entirely in the spirit of her late teacher Rotraut Pape. Code Act/Taiwain Version mixes real body images and digital intervention in a fresh, irritating way.

B3 Ben Award Best Immersive and Time Based Art
Jasmina Cibic (Slovenia)
THE GIFT (2019)
Video Installation / Three-Channel Film

Excerpt from the jury statement:
The video installation of the Slovenian artist uses megalomaniacal examples in order to explore the ambivalence of gifts of all kinds. Formerly serious propaganda becomes cinematic satire.

B3 BEN Award Best Feature Film
Gavin Rothery (UK)
ARCHIVE (UK, Hungary, USA 2020)
Feature film, Science-Fiction-Fantasy-Thriller

Excerpt from the jury statement:
Gavin Rothery embodies one hundred percent of the kind of cross-media artist to whom the B3 Biennial likes to give room. His debut feature film ARCHIVE offers stunning images and a deeply touching story set in the near future – technology and emotion at top level.

B3 BEN Award Best Documentary
Arthur Jones (USA)
Documentary Film

Excerpt from the jury statement:
This film tells the unique story of an artist whose intellectual property has been hijacked and abused in the ugliest ways. A documentary with an unusually high visual value: fast-paced, entertaining and at the same time gripping like a detective story.

Die B3 BEN Award Jury

Prof. Bernd Kracke (Artistic Director of B3 and President of the University of Art and Design Offenbach)

Dr. Jaqueline Roussetty (actress, writer, journalist, moderator, acting and directing instructor)

Thorsten Unger (digital entrepreneus, games expert, CEO Wegesrand)

Florian Hofer (D.O.P., editor, VFX artist, Director of Jetski Film, Vienna)

Johannes Grenzfurthner (artist, filmmaker, writer, curator, performer, actor and script editor from Vienna)

Jasmin Hagendorfer (artist, writer, curator; co-founder and creative director of the Vienna Porn Film Festival for feminist, queer and LGBTQIA+ productions)