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Since 2012, B3 Biennial of the Moving Image has been stimulating cross-genre discourse on trends and developments in film, art, games, VR/AR and AI

Initially held every two years, the B3 welcomes national and international artists and media professionals annually since 2019. Controversial and diverse, creative artists are speaking at the B3 conference and present their works in screenings and exhibitions. The focus is on storytelling.

Every year, the invitees of B3 provide an insight and outlook on the ways in which ideas and stories can be creatively developed in terms of content and technology. In their work they process their content in the most diverse ways – politically, socially critical, philosophically or humorously.

This year, we are once again looking forward to our invitees giving our audience the opportunity to share their stories, their worlds of thought and their creativity. We look forward to their works, their know-how, their views and to inspiring conversations and impulses.

Focus Transformation

In 2022 we will focus on TRANSFORMATION. In talks, artworks and films, our invitees will highlight what transformation means to them in the most diverse ways: scientifically, politically, culturally, philosophically and very personally.

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Here we go... We are pleased to present the first B3 speakers and artists

Topic: Web and Data

Esther Mwema


Emerging Zambian artist, UN worker, and activist Esther Hadassah Mwema explores digital inequalities in her innovative art. In 2022 she was awarded with the Mozilla Creative Media award for her work 'AfroGrids' which uses afro-futuristic …

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Topic: Film

Adrian Wootton


We are again particularly pleased to welcome Adrian Wootton as a speaker in the B3 Conference program. He is a recognized expert on a wide range of topics in film, television and literature. He lectures with virtuosity and provides the most …

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Topic: Video Art

Felipe Lavín


At Art Basel Miami 2021 Felipe Lavín caused a sensation with his very special video works and photographs. In his works he takes a close look at people and the way they behave in their chosen environment. In doing so, he alienates the protagonists …

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Topic: Agency

Rob Kraitt


Rob Kraitt, a welcome guest and expert in the creative industries, will be back again in 2022. As talent manager at Casarotto Ramsay Associates Limited in London, Rob Kraitt has wide ranging experience representing writer and director talent and …

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