Online + Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

We thank all our guests, supporters and partners for a successful B3 2022!

At four venues in Frankfurt B3 2022 reached 34.200 people in attendance. In parallel, 20.000 viewers followed the B3 online.

4 Venues in
Frankfurt and Online
120 Works of 80 artists from 30 countries in the B3 Moving Image Forum
40 Short and feature-length films from 20 countries
20 Speakers in 32 conference contributions

We are pleased to announce the winners of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2022.

B3 BEN Lifetime Achievement Award
Luc und Jean-Pierre Dardenne belong to the exclusive club of those who have received the Palme d'Or multiple times in Cannes.
B3 BEN Honorary Award category art
Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau
Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau are internationally renowned media artists, researchers and pioneers of interactive art.
B3 BEN Rotraut Pape Inspiration Award
SINTER by Daniel Noël Fleischmann
Daniel Noël Fleischmann was born in Nuremberg in 1993, lives in Berlin and works as a freelance artist.
B3 BEN Emerging Talent Award
Hypertopia by Roman Roth
Roman Roth lives and works in Berlin. His artistic work began in graphic design and typography - later his focus developed towards light sculptures and programmatic video installations.
B3 BEN Award Best Feature Film
Esther’s Orchestra by Alexander Sagmo
Alexander Sagmo grew up in the countryside of Denmark. He started making movies when he was young and graduated from the Danish Film education “Super8” in 2017 with his film NEEDLE BOY.
B3 BEN Award Best Short Film
Tildypops by Tiggy Bayley
Tiggy Bayley is a writer, director and performer from London. She trained at Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris, before obtaining an MA in Liberal Arts at Bristol University.
B3 BEN Award Best Immersive and Time Based Art
A Truly Shared Love by Emilie Brout and Maxine Marion
The French duo was recently celebrated by ARTE as an avant-garde artist duo in the creative moving image field. B3 celebrates them again with their latest work A Truly Shared Love.
B3 BEN Award Best Crypto Art
Sebastian Pfeifer
German animation artist and motion graphic designer Sebastian Pfeifer has quickly made a name for himself in the uncharted territory of crypto art.
B3 BEN Award Best AI based Crypto Art
Orkhan Mammadov
Orkhan Mammadov is a pioneering media artist from Azerbaijan who has emerged on the international scene since representing his home country in the Venice Biennial in 2019.
B3 BEN Award Best VR Experience
Genesis by Maria and Jörg Courtial
Maria Courtial is Co-founder, CEO and producer at Faber Courtial – a studio for digital worlds, which she established in 1998 with Jörg Courtial.