October 918 2020

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Work less, work all – We are the 99% on Fiverr.com

Work less, work all – We are the 99% on Fiverr.com
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Guido Segni
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In 2015 Guido Segni created a gig on Fiverr.com and realized some video performance artworks by buying and reselling the gigs of Fiverr workforce, asking each worker to use his/her body to show, sing, dance or declaim some political messages chosen by the artist. The whole operation can be described as a commissioned body art performance, in which the performative procedure is combined with the actions performed by the workers on or with their own bodies.



With a background in hacktivism, net art and video art, Guido Segni lives and works somewhere, online and offline, playing with art, internet culture and data hallucinations. Mainly focused on the daily (ab)use of the Internet, his work is characterized by minimal gestures on technology which combines conceptual approaches with a traditional hacker attitude in making things odd, useless and dysfunctional.