October 918 2020

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The Tangle of Mind and Matter

Video Art
The Tangle of Mind and Matter
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Rebecca Allen
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In this VR work we search the brain to reveal the mind. The mind takes on a human form and activates the conscious brain, encouraging the viewer to participate in the process. There is an intriguing, tactile sense to this search as one grabs, removes and observes individual brain parts derived from an actual brain. While our body stays grounded to the earth, reacting to the rising level of virtual water, the mind continues to explore beyond our horizon, leaving us to believe that there are other realities somewhere out there.



Rebecca Allen’s artwork, which spans four decades and takes the form of experimental video, large-scale performances, live simulations and virtual and augmented reality art installations, addresses issues of identity, gender and what it means to be human as technology redefines our sense of reality. With degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she moves fluidly between artist studio and research lab. Her work is part of the permanent collection of Centre Georges Pompidou, Whitney Museum of American Art and NY Museum of Modern Art.