October 918 2020

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The Pleasure of Expense

The Pleasure of Expense
B3 Biennale Official Winner
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Jasmina Cibic
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With 2019 marking 100 years since the founding of the League of Nations and haunted by the uncertainties of Brexit and failings of the world order as we knew it - The Pleasure of Expense presents a timely dissection of statecraft and culture’s role within it. Filmed inside the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the film presents a monologue by an allegory representing Cultural Diplomacy. As he wanders through the gilded palatial halls of antiquated patriarchy, he rhetorically styles his idea for the perfect gift of culture that could heal a divided nation.



Jasmina Cibic works in film, sculpture, performance, installation. She explores how political rhetoric is deployed through art and architecture and examines how cultural production is used by the state to communicate certain principles and aspirations. By unfolding the entanglements of art, gender and state power, she helps viewers consider the strategies employed in the construction of national cultures. (photo credit: Jasmina Cibic)
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