October 918 2020

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The Fish

Short Film
Video Art
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Jonathas de Andrade
Additional Artists
Rachel Daisy Ellis, Jennifer Lange
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Fishermen from a village on the northeast coast of Brazil are invited by the artist to perform a ritual of embracing the fish that they have caught. Face to face with the camera, the men calm the prey through an ambiguous sequence of gestures marked by affection, solidarity and violence. The utopian harmony of the community with its surroundings points to the lack of connection between man and nature. The affectionate gestures that accompanies the passage of death in the proposed ritual, are a testament to the limit of a relationship between species that is imbued with strength and domination. The images rescue a documental attribute that emphasizes the ambivalence between art and ethnography and invites the viewer to participate in the positions of power involved in the ritual, challenging the notion of reality, fiction, desire and social imagery. This film has been made with a group of fishermen of Piaçabuçu and Coruripe, by the river São Francisco and the sea.



Jonathas de Andrade (b. 1982, Maceió, Brasil) lives and works in Recife, Brazil. He develops videos, photographs and installations based on the production of images and texts, employing strategies that juxtapose fiction and reality, tradition and negotiation with local communities. Parting from the artist's interests in social issues, his works cross the field of language and anthropology as aspects that challenge the notion of truth, power, desire and social imaginary.