October 918 2020

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Social Video – Isolation around the World

Social Video – Isolation around the World
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Elay Leuthold
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Elay interviewed young adults from around the world about their time in Isolation. What challenges does the new everyday life bring? What are we missing the most during this time? Their personal stories are accompanied with self-filmed diary entries and are making it possible for us to experience a close and intimate look inside the different lifes during the self-isolation time around the globe.



Elay Leuthold was born in 1996 in Zurich. In 2018 he started studying at ZHdK first attending the PreCollege, which then led him to study Cast & Audiovisual Design. He likes to give unheard voices a chance to be heard and is a strong believer that storytelling is a powerful weapon in order for others to learn, to be inspired and to spark up conversations.