October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Social Video – Baqua

Social Video – Baqua
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Ayan Paska
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Starting as a casual joke at the dinner table, the concept for the mocumentary "Baqua" gradually emerged during the lockdown. At this time, conspiracy theories about Covid-19 became increasingly popular, and so I decided to pursue a theory myself: someone pumps up our dried fruits with water in order to then sell them at a higher price! And so I set out to uncover the "Big Aqua" shadow organization.



As the son of Czech parents, I was influenced by stories and cartoons from Eastern Europe. Now I am studying audiovisual media and am trying to find ways to surprise and entertain my audience and myself. I always want to challenge myself anew with every project. In this one, for example, the challenge was to write a truly entertaining satire.