October 918 2020

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Silo Solos – Red Breath

Silo Solos – Red Breath
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Seth Riskin
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Riskin’s original Light Dance art form uses light to cross the boundary between the inner and outer spaces of bodily experience. In this work, the artist focuses on breath. A profusion of red-light circles reaches from his body to the interior surfaces of the silo. The space comes alive with the twofold movements of the heart and breath and the emotions they transmit. The red circles combine with the light forms of Otto Piene’s Light Ballet, creating a fabric of spatial expression that orbits around the central axis formed by Riskin’s body and Piene’s Star of David above.



Seth Riskin, light artist, is the manager of the MIT Museum Studio and Compton Gallery, a new program for research and education at the forefront of art, science and technology collaboration. He came to MIT in 1986 to coach the women’s gymnastics team, and earned an M.S. in Visual Studies at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies under the direction of German-born artist Otto Piene, with whom he collaborated on light and technology-based art.