October 918 2020

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Silo Solos – Corona Journals

Silo Solos – Corona Journals
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Elizabeth Goldring & David Whiteside
Additional Artists
Jessica Spira-Goldring
Otto Pienes
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Writer Elizabeth Goldring reads from her Corona journals in concert with flutist David Whiteside's improvisations. From France, Jessica Spira-Goldring's projections in the Light Silo, together with Otto Piene's Light Ballet are a Fata Morgana floating between presence and absence. Jessica says of her quarantine collages, "I made [them] during the initial weeks of the confinement period in France. The collaging process evolved from a series of underwater, skyscape, moonscape, and train collages that I glued together with my son during morning home-preschooling hours… For me, the collages are remnants of a time of quiet contemplation just before the electric spirit of transformation took to the streets." David Whiteside is principal flutist with the National Philharmonic and frequently plays jazz.



Elizabeth Goldring, (B.A. Smith College, M.Ed. Harvard University) writer, poet, and media artist, has been an active participant in the CAVS community since 1975. She served as Fellow, Exhibits and Projects Director, Lecturer, Acting Co-Director, and more. Her research focuses on ways of seeing for people who are blind or visually challenged. Her poetry publications include Laser Treatment, and The Light Silo/Das Licht Silo with Otto Piene.