October 918 2020

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Silo Solos – Black TV

Short Film
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Aldo Tambellini
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Black TV (1968) epitomizes the artist’s prescient and pioneering multimedia works, claiming and combining the period’s socially significant media and content. The work synthesizes violence on 20th Century TV (Robert Kennedy’s assassination, police brutality in Chicago, the war in Vietnam) and physical manipulations of film such as painting, drawing, burning, scratching, perforating and more. From the CAVS archives at MIT: “With Black TV, Tambellini clearly lays before the viewer the epochal changes then underway in media history and presents his dark vision of America’s future, marching towards black.”



Aldo Tambellini is a pioneer of video art and 1960s expanded media art, combining television, film, poetry, and performance. In 1967, he and Otto Piene co-founded Black Gate theater, New York’s first “Electromedia” theater. Under Piene’s direction, Tambellini was a Research Fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Studies, conducting workshops and a series of international interactive media communication projects.