October 918 2020

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Silo Solos – 8ight Circles

Silo Solos – 8ight Circles
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Ellen Sebring
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The artist performs mechanical visual sounds that combine into a musical/visual piece. Simple, humble actions performed in a small space reflect the physical isolation of the silo—a tower of fairy tales where the protagonist is locked away. Multiple revolutions within the octagonal silo evoke time, the heartbeat, breath in and out, and repetitive motion. The slow quiet of sustained isolation draws inward towards the self and the body.



Ellen Sebring, media researcher, artist, designer; Creative Director of the Visualizing Cultures project at MIT. She earned the SMVisS degree at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies and a PhD at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry at Plymouth University. She was a Fellow at CAVS and Postdoc Associate at Duke University. She explores visual narrative and the syntax of images in an age of global digital archives.