October 918 2020

Online + Frankfurt Rhine / Main

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Russian Dolls

Video Art
Russian Dolls
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Sergey Barabanschikoff
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RUSSIAN DOLLS are a limited collection of NFT dolls that bear reference to the artist’s roots. The main design idea is to stylistically combine the cultural past and present within these characters. Traditional Russian dolls come in several pieces, a fact that is also reflected in the Faraday collection in the form of several series of 3 dolls in a row. The main idea with regard to collecting is competition – this is the first NFT competition where collectors can't buy everything they want. Instead, they have to buy a series of 3 to get a 4th doll which then takes them to the next level.



Faraday is a Russian digital artist. He studied art in Los Angeles, California, and later traveled to New Zealand, the nature of New Zealand strongly influenced Faraday as an artist, which can be traced back to his work. Faraday explores a new direction in contemporary art called NFT, which aims to inspire the viewer's desire to possess and collect.