October 918 2020

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room passages / memories of motioning – The Topologies of Blue

room passages / memories of motioning – The Topologies of Blue
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Bill Seaman
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Video from the album - The Topologies of Blue by Bill Seaman Fluid Audio Video by Bill Seaman - 2019 Bill Seaman - Piano, Piano Libraries, Sample Compositions, Samples, Abstracted Percussion, Non-location Recordings, Electric Guitar Abstractions Wei Ping Lin – Violin Solos David Rothenberg - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contralto Clarinet Solos Sid Richardson – Upright Bass Libraries Tim Bjorklund – Electric Guitar Libraries Volkmar Klein, Sound Engineer for initial violin recording


Bill Seaman's work explores a media-oriented poetics through technological means: Recombinant Poetics. He is deeply interested in new forms of computation, learning systems, the concept of creating an electrochemical computer, as well as the concept of Computational Creativity. He has won awards including two honorable mention awards from Ars Electronica in Interactive Art; Intel Research Gift; Awards in the Visual Arts, Rockefeller Foundation. Recently he has been exploring Recombinant Informatics: a multi-perspective approach to inventive knowledge production (as conceptual art).