October 918 2020

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Proboscidea Rappings

Video Art
Ollie Dook
Release Year
United Kingdom
PROBOSCIDEA RAPPINGS is a 3D animated film telling the story of Jumbo the Elephant in his own words from beyond the grave. The film follows his celebrity life, tragic death, and eternal life possessed in branded goods.



Ollie Dook’s work often starts from a pre-existing image, be it a photograph, a sound, meme, documentary or You-Tube trend. He reproduces this content, either in the process of editing or by recreating it in CGI and animation. Recent works investigate the human-animal relationship, truth and conspiracy as well as memory and obsolescence. He seeks to decode an ongoing relationship with images in order to reflect the intertwined relationship between humans, images and being. Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh; Hannah Barry Gallery, London; Humber Street Gallery, Hull; and NADA, Miami have shown his work.
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