October 918 2020

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Pena Verde

Pena Verde
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Louise Botkay
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The so-called New World is a colonial invention. The invention of the indigenous is the invention of the other by the European. Thus, the most different civilizations and cultures are reduced to a single term, based on an arrogant cut of Western mentalities. In the horizontality of the magic of the encounter, in an ancient gesture of resistance and healing, the charm of Pena verde dances at Caboclo's party at the house of Seu Cosme, Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil.


Louise Botkay studied at the National Film School of France (FEMIS). She has shot films in Haiti, Congo, Niger, Chad, Brazil and Europe, using her cell phone, video, super-8, 16 or 35 mm film that she developed herself. Her works were shown at festivals such as Oberhausen, Fid de Marseille, VidéoBrasil, and more. Her work A film for Ehuana won a prize from the State of North Rhine-Westaphalia, Germany.