October 918 2020

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Narrative Reflections on Looking II: Part Two/The Reprise of Cthulhu

Video Art
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Sin Wai Kin
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PART TWO/THE RETURN OF CTHULHU is a paraphrase of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos. At first, Sin’s drag persona appears menacingly in the shadows, barely recognizable, accompanied by the narrator’s description of the intense nature of the simultaneous feelings of pleasantness and discomfort that came over them as they were devoured by the gaze of an unknown otherworldly entity. Once they come into the light, the camera slowly starts to slide across their entire body, failing to reveal whose gaze ultimately devoured who.



Sin Wai Kin (fka Victoria Sin) is an artist using speculative fiction within performance, moving image, writing and print to interrupt normative processes of desire, identification, and objectification. Drawing from close personal encounters of looking and wanting, their work presents heavily constructed fantasy narratives on the often unsettling experience of the physical within the social body.