October 918 2020

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In Vitro

Short Film
View in the Art Gallery
Larissa Sansour
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In Vitro is a 2-channel black and white sci-fi film set in the aftermath of an eco-disaster. An abandoned nuclear reactor under Bethlehem has been converted into an enormous orchard. In the hospital wing of the underground compound, the orchard’s ailing founder, Dunia, is lying in her deathbed, as 30-year-old Alia comes to visit her. The talk between the two soon evolves into an intimate dialogue about memory, exile and nostalgia.



Sansour works mainly with film, and also produces installations, photos and sculptures. Central to her work is the dialectics between myth and historical narrative. Born in East Jerusalem, Palestine, her recent work use science fiction to address social and political issues. (c) Picture: Maxim Sansour
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